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My story: nothing fancy nor extraordinary;

 Andrea. Here in Italy, that’s a male name, but it is also the name that my parents decided to give me when I was born and I’m pretty happy with that.
I’m nineteen and I currently live in Rome, but that’s going to change very soon. Sometimes not soon enough, sometimes just too soon. London has been my dream since I was sixteen, when I first went there and I fell in love with the city. It’s not easy for me to describe what exactly is that attracts me about it, so I often use the sentence “It’s where I belong”, which sums it all up. But I could go on and on about how I find London to be so welcoming, and magical, and how it amazes me every time I go there. That’s why I’m moving, all alone. In a foreign country that I know so little about. Yeah, that’s the scary part, which I always tend to put away in a box and try to forget about.
But there are times when I remember that it is also the exciting part. I graduated from college last July and I didn’t see any future for me in Italy. I don’t feel like this country can give me more than it already has, and I started to think about the idea of leaving and starting university somewhere else. So, I gathered all my courage and decided to find a way to live in London, in order to attend a good school next year. And that’s what I’m about to do.
And that’s also the reason why I started this blog, which I recognize to be one of many, but that I hope will help me with the language and the way I express myself. My dream is to be a writer, and that’s what I will work on for the next few years. And I want all to start right here, with me and my computer, my life and my passions put in the hands of strangers who randomly pass by this blog. I’m going to talk about books, films, fashion and life. I’m going to share with you what I love and what I hate, my thoughts and doubts about what surrounds me.
My name is Andrea, I’m nineteen years old and I’m nothing extraordinary: just a girl who loves to write.

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