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Thoughts before the Departure.
As Taylor Swift sings “Oh Darling, don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little”, I’m thinking about my life so far and what it’s ahead of me. In two days, I’m leaving my family, my friends and everything I know for a dream. I knew it would have been difficult, but knowing something and actually living it, it’s not exactly the same thing. I know now that in less of 48 hours I won’t have my parents on the other side of the door, ready to help me solving every little problem I have. But how am I going to react when it will be real?
I’m growing up, let’s face it. And the process involves move into a different city, in a different Country. It was my decision and I know it’s what I’ve always wanted, but I also think that the “cold feet” are inevitable, before such a big change. 

 These last five years in college have changed me, or even better, they made me who I really was and made me realize what I really wanted. The people I’ve met, the things I’ve seen, they all took me here. I don’t believe in destiny, I think “destiny” is what you make of things. I believe that everything that happens in your life can influence it in the way you want them to. And I don’t regret anything, every decision I’ve ever made helped me in a way or another. Even the bad ones. I strongly think that “the reason” we are looking for behind this or that event is what we decided it to be. If we take things in the wrong way, they will always be a negative influence in our lives. We have to make the best of everything. We have to make the best of our lives.

My last thought goes to Rome. I hated it, I loved it, I probably never truly appreciated it. I’ve always felt like there was not enough space for me here. Weird, being Rome such a big city. But I don’t like the mentality of people who live here, the way they keep on complaining and don’t do anything to change things. It’s like I was born in the wrong place, and I think more than one person can relate to that.

My next post will be uploaded from Rochester, Kent. That makes me a little be anxious, but also very excited. I’m a mixture of feelings right now and I’m happy about that. I like the fact that I’m doing something different with my life, something that I want even if it scares me so much.
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My Everyday Makeup Routine.

As I said in the previous post, I don’t expect to be an expert in makeup whatsoever. And when I decided to start this blog, it wasn’t my intention to do so many makeup-related posts. However, these days I don’t have much time to do anything extraordinary, as I’m spending every minute with my friends before I leave for London. So I decided to talk about my everyday makeup routine, which isn’t that particular. But I now tend to do always the same thing since I finally found something I’m very pleased with.

After applying  foundation (Catrice PhotoFinish 18h Liquid Foundation), and powder (Rimmel London Stay Matte) all over my face, I use the Catrice Eyebrow Set to define my eyebrows and I apply the lighter colour to all over my lid as well. I then use a Smudge Brush by Elf (that I purchased as part of Bamboo Set), to apply some eyeliner really close to my upper lash line and some under the eye. I then smudge it out with a blending brush. I then apply the Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline and some MUA Blusher in the Shade 1 on my cheeks. Sometimes I like to spice it up with some lipstick by Mac (in the colour “Saint Germain”), or the Just Bitten Kissable by Revlon (in the colour “Lovesick Passionnée”).
It takes me almost ten minutes to do everything, since it’s nothing that difficult, and I think it’s the perfect amount of time to spend in doing your makeup on an everyday bases.
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Fashion Icon: Lily Collins, Style and Makeup.

Recently my Tumblr dashboard has been invaded by a great amount of pictures taken at the premieres of “Shadow Hunters”. I already knew Lily Collins, I loved her in “Mirror Mirror”, but I had never paid too much attention to her style. Until now. After have watched another film in which she starred, called “Stuck in Love”, it inevitably happened, my obsession started. I spent the next few hours diving myself into Polyvore to find some well-made sets inspired by her. I also looked up on Youtube, hoping some beauty gurus had the same kind of inspiration I had. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything I was too excited about. Therefore, I decided to recreate a makeup Lily wore at the Comicon event and I’m about to show you the result. First, know that I am in no way good with makeup and I just decided to try and do something new. But let me say that I was surprisingly pleased with what came out of my jiggling around with brushes and eye-shadows. 

 I would have loved to have tried and recreated an outfit too, and I probably will at some point, but I didn’t find anything good enough in my wardrobe. So, I decided to use Polyvore instead.

I love almost anything she wears, especially when she’s not dressed up for an appearance or a premiere. Her looks are characterized by simple, plain pieces of clothing, paired with some edgy detailing, like a green army jacket, or a particular blazer. I also noticed that she usually wears black ankle-boots with skinny jeans, and she likes to play around with rings and necklaces. 
At the top of all, she always looks so classy and elegant. Her makeup is basic, very natural: some brown eye-shadow, black eyeliner, mascara and a bright lipstick. That’s what I call a perfect everyday makeup.

I don’t know if I’ll ever adventure again to do some more inspired makeup looks, but I will definitely continue to be inspired by her style.
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5 Random English Things I Love.

This is a little list I made trying to explain what is about England that I love so much. It’s not everything, of course, but I wrote about the first five things that came into my mind. I hope you won’t find it that boring.

#1 Jane Austen.
I’d say that my love for this Country started with studying English literature, and Jane Austen was the first author that truly caught my attention. I read all of her books, even the unfinished once. I admire her deeply and she’s one of my heroine, as she called her own characters. If I start talking about her and her books, I would probably never shut up. So I will just say that her mind was one of a kind and those who think that she has written only girly novels, well, they are making a very big mistake.

 #2 The Beatles.
How could they not be in this post? They were the first boy band that has ever walked this earth, and they were good. Brilliant, I’d say. But stopping at their appearance wouldn’t give them justice: they were amazing people and their songs were clever and never, ever superficial. Their career is so much more than funny hairstyles and fangirling. Each of them hid a peculiar personality and a fascinating soul. My advice is to watch some of the documentaries that were made about them. It’s worthwhile.

#3 Danny Boyle.
Even if the first film I ever saw directed by him was “Slumdog Millionaire”, what truly drugged me into his works was “Sunshine”. Not so many people know this film, still it’s one of my favorites. I consider him a genius of the camera, his ability to get to the audience is just unbelievable. Your mind is captivated by every single scene, waiting to know more about the story. His films are a journey into someone else’s story and I truly believe 90% of the reason it happens lies in his talent.

 #4 Tea.
My obsession over tea started when I went to London and brought back a box of “Afternoon Tea”. Unfortunately, I recently discovered it expired a while ago, but in the meanwhile I collected a good amount of other kinds of tea. I just love it. I usually drink it before going to sleep, it calms down and it creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. I don’t know what it is about tea, or maybe there’s something odd about me and my weird way of seeing things and be influenced by them. Either way, my life will be always surrounded by tea. That’s a fact.

#5 People.
This is a weird thing to say, but I love English people. Every single time I went to London, I was shocked by the kindness and respect they had. Italian people are not like that at all. They get irritated by every little thing and it’s easier to hear something spiteful about this or that, than to hear them apologizing for bumping into you. Not everyone is like that, of course, but it’s rare to find someone gentle. And I’m not the only Italian girl who was so surprised by English manners, therefore I think it’s not something only I noticed.
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My story: nothing fancy nor extraordinary;

 Andrea. Here in Italy, that’s a male name, but it is also the name that my parents decided to give me when I was born and I’m pretty happy with that.
I’m nineteen and I currently live in Rome, but that’s going to change very soon. Sometimes not soon enough, sometimes just too soon. London has been my dream since I was sixteen, when I first went there and I fell in love with the city. It’s not easy for me to describe what exactly is that attracts me about it, so I often use the sentence “It’s where I belong”, which sums it all up. But I could go on and on about how I find London to be so welcoming, and magical, and how it amazes me every time I go there. That’s why I’m moving, all alone. In a foreign country that I know so little about. Yeah, that’s the scary part, which I always tend to put away in a box and try to forget about.
But there are times when I remember that it is also the exciting part. I graduated from college last July and I didn’t see any future for me in Italy. I don’t feel like this country can give me more than it already has, and I started to think about the idea of leaving and starting university somewhere else. So, I gathered all my courage and decided to find a way to live in London, in order to attend a good school next year. And that’s what I’m about to do.
And that’s also the reason why I started this blog, which I recognize to be one of many, but that I hope will help me with the language and the way I express myself. My dream is to be a writer, and that’s what I will work on for the next few years. And I want all to start right here, with me and my computer, my life and my passions put in the hands of strangers who randomly pass by this blog. I’m going to talk about books, films, fashion and life. I’m going to share with you what I love and what I hate, my thoughts and doubts about what surrounds me.
My name is Andrea, I’m nineteen years old and I’m nothing extraordinary: just a girl who loves to write.