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5 Random English Things I Love.

This is a little list I made trying to explain what is about England that I love so much. It’s not everything, of course, but I wrote about the first five things that came into my mind. I hope you won’t find it that boring.

#1 Jane Austen.
I’d say that my love for this Country started with studying English literature, and Jane Austen was the first author that truly caught my attention. I read all of her books, even the unfinished once. I admire her deeply and she’s one of my heroine, as she called her own characters. If I start talking about her and her books, I would probably never shut up. So I will just say that her mind was one of a kind and those who think that she has written only girly novels, well, they are making a very big mistake.

 #2 The Beatles.
How could they not be in this post? They were the first boy band that has ever walked this earth, and they were good. Brilliant, I’d say. But stopping at their appearance wouldn’t give them justice: they were amazing people and their songs were clever and never, ever superficial. Their career is so much more than funny hairstyles and fangirling. Each of them hid a peculiar personality and a fascinating soul. My advice is to watch some of the documentaries that were made about them. It’s worthwhile.

#3 Danny Boyle.
Even if the first film I ever saw directed by him was “Slumdog Millionaire”, what truly drugged me into his works was “Sunshine”. Not so many people know this film, still it’s one of my favorites. I consider him a genius of the camera, his ability to get to the audience is just unbelievable. Your mind is captivated by every single scene, waiting to know more about the story. His films are a journey into someone else’s story and I truly believe 90% of the reason it happens lies in his talent.

 #4 Tea.
My obsession over tea started when I went to London and brought back a box of “Afternoon Tea”. Unfortunately, I recently discovered it expired a while ago, but in the meanwhile I collected a good amount of other kinds of tea. I just love it. I usually drink it before going to sleep, it calms down and it creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. I don’t know what it is about tea, or maybe there’s something odd about me and my weird way of seeing things and be influenced by them. Either way, my life will be always surrounded by tea. That’s a fact.

#5 People.
This is a weird thing to say, but I love English people. Every single time I went to London, I was shocked by the kindness and respect they had. Italian people are not like that at all. They get irritated by every little thing and it’s easier to hear something spiteful about this or that, than to hear them apologizing for bumping into you. Not everyone is like that, of course, but it’s rare to find someone gentle. And I’m not the only Italian girl who was so surprised by English manners, therefore I think it’s not something only I noticed.

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