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Thoughts before the Departure.
As Taylor Swift sings “Oh Darling, don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little”, I’m thinking about my life so far and what it’s ahead of me. In two days, I’m leaving my family, my friends and everything I know for a dream. I knew it would have been difficult, but knowing something and actually living it, it’s not exactly the same thing. I know now that in less of 48 hours I won’t have my parents on the other side of the door, ready to help me solving every little problem I have. But how am I going to react when it will be real?
I’m growing up, let’s face it. And the process involves move into a different city, in a different Country. It was my decision and I know it’s what I’ve always wanted, but I also think that the “cold feet” are inevitable, before such a big change. 

 These last five years in college have changed me, or even better, they made me who I really was and made me realize what I really wanted. The people I’ve met, the things I’ve seen, they all took me here. I don’t believe in destiny, I think “destiny” is what you make of things. I believe that everything that happens in your life can influence it in the way you want them to. And I don’t regret anything, every decision I’ve ever made helped me in a way or another. Even the bad ones. I strongly think that “the reason” we are looking for behind this or that event is what we decided it to be. If we take things in the wrong way, they will always be a negative influence in our lives. We have to make the best of everything. We have to make the best of our lives.

My last thought goes to Rome. I hated it, I loved it, I probably never truly appreciated it. I’ve always felt like there was not enough space for me here. Weird, being Rome such a big city. But I don’t like the mentality of people who live here, the way they keep on complaining and don’t do anything to change things. It’s like I was born in the wrong place, and I think more than one person can relate to that.

My next post will be uploaded from Rochester, Kent. That makes me a little be anxious, but also very excited. I’m a mixture of feelings right now and I’m happy about that. I like the fact that I’m doing something different with my life, something that I want even if it scares me so much.

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